Influx and Exodus: Two Conversations on Urban Density

Monday, December 1, 2014
On December 9th, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm, at the Van Alen Institute, a conversation will be held on sudden shifts in urban population.
Rust Belt cities struggle to repurpose vacant land and adapt the delivery of fundamental services, and cities like Mumbai and Lagos sprawl ever outward with dense informal communities: In both cases, adapting to sudden population change presents a massive challenge. How can city infrastructure and policy keep pace with the dramatic shifts brought on by rapid growth and decline?
This event builds on Van Alen’s Future Ground competition, which invites multidisciplinary teams to generate proposals to reuse vacant land in New Orleans. Looking at examples from around the world, we’ll discuss strategies for cities facing population loss in the wake of natural disasters or economic collapse, or a sudden tide of new residents coming from distant countries and rural villages in search of opportunity.
Participants include Greg Lindsay, World Policy Institute; Nadine Maleh, Inspiring Places at Community Solutions; Alan Mallach, senior fellow at Brookings Institution; Janice Perlman, Founder & President of the Mega-Cities Project; Rachel Peric, Welcoming America; and more.


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