David Mortimer

Before joining The Assembly, David H. Mortimer worked at Kuhn-Loeb & Co., an investment bank. At The Assembly, Mr. Mortimer has overseen more than eighty national projects on domestic and international topics.  He was also responsible for several books publishing arrangements. He has been involved in every aspect of the planning, implementation, and follow-up of 100 regional programs led by The Assembly with various institutions across the United States, Asia, Canada, and Europe.
Mr. Mortimer oversees The Assembly's relations with Columbia University, its affiliate and fiscal agent, and has been responsible for the organization's financial stability and institutional health.  He oversaw The Assembly's capital campaign and established the major part of its endowment fund. More recently, he has been responsible for many of The Assembly's most successful domestic projects, a number of which have spawned subsequent national programs.
Mr. Mortimer has also been actively involved in a variety of private initiatives. He was part of a delegation that met with the presidents of Hungary, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia to discuss their respective government’s relations with the United States. He was also invited as part of a delegation by the Chinese government to tour the country and meet with governmental officials.
Mr. Mortimer was appointed commissioner of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission and presently serves as its president.  He is the former Vice-chairman of Scenic Hudson, Inc., and is the director of the Scenic Hudson Land Trust, one of the county's largest land trusts dedicated to preserving open space.  He also serves on the board of the New York Military Academy and serves as president of the Mary W. Harriman Foundation.
Mr. Mortimer serves on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Visiting Committee of the Department of European Paintings.  He has been involved in various capacities with the Whitney Museum, the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, New York Council for the Humanities, the Economic Club, among other organizations.  In addition, Mr. Mortimer is affiliated with several membership organizations, including The Council on Foreign Relations.
He is married to Shelley Wanger, a senior editor at Pantheon and Alfred A. Knopf.

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