The Open Syllabus Project

The American Assembly is the home of the new Open Syllabus Project (OSP), an effort to build the first large-scale online database of university course syllabi as a platform for the development of new research, teaching, and administrative tools.

The OSP will provide new ways of understanding canon formation, the evolution of disciplines, pedagogical change, and institutional history. It will make curricula more transparent to students, faculty, and administrators, and enable better coordination of course and curricular development. It will enable new publication metrics and new insights into changing practices of scholarly communication, from tracking the use of open-access publications to measuring how frequently, and in what contexts, particular works are taught.

The OSP is building a network of partners and contributors, drawing on researchers and staff at Columbia University, the New School University, Swarthmore College, and the University of North Carolina.  

The project is supported by the Sloan Foundation.


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