Transforming Access, Mobility, and Delivery in Cities

Over the next decades the nature of urban transportation is likely to undergo significant changes. To ensure these changes adequately deal with the profound challenges of equity, public health, and climate change, we must galvanize networks and knowledge into tangible action. This Workshop intends to build on the substantial work of the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) and its partners working through its Future Urban Transport (FUT) program guided by its overarching vision of promoting fair access and sustainable transport in cities. This 2014 VREF Workshop is co-sponsored by the Ford Foundation, TransitCenter, the American Assembly, the Regional Plan Association, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and is organized by the VREF-funded Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University.

The Legacy Cities Partnership

The Legacy Cities Partnership aims to strengthen capacities for policy change and governance reform, share lessons in urban stabilization and regeneration, and connect the array of federal, regional, state, and local initiatives in this area.

The Ecology of Access to Educational Materials

An investigation of how university students in Brazil, India, South Africa, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Colombia, and the US get the materials they need for their educations. The project looks at the mix of student copying, database licensing, commercial markets, and government regulation that together define the 'ecology of access' to textbooks and other materials.

The Takedown Project

A research and network-building effort to better understand the evolution of the ‘Notice and Takedown’ process that mediates conflicts between Internet users, rights holders, and online service providers. 

Historic Preservation in America’s Legacy Cities

The Assembly partnered with Cleveland State University, CEOs for Cities, and over two dozen other organizations explore the role of historic preservation in revitalizing America’s Legacy Cities. 

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