Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (April 2011)

2011. Joe Karaganis (ed.)
Media Piracy in Emerging Economies is the first independent, large-scale study of music, film and software piracy in emerging economies, with a focus on Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico and Bolivia.
Based on three years of work by thirty-five researchers, Media Piracy in Emerging Economies tells two overarching stories: the first, the explosive growth of piracy as digital technologies became cheap and ubiquitous around the world; and lastly, the growth of industry lobbies that have reshaped laws and law enforcement around copyright protection. The report argues that enforcement efforts have largely failed, and that the problem of piracy is better conceived as a failure of affordable access to media in legal markets.

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

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