Oligrapher is a social network mapping tool designed to support the work of data journalists and other researchers who need to tell stories based on complex social network data.  The Influence Mapping project supported the development of a standalone version that can be downloaded for use with any dataset.

Eisenhower Memorial Legacy Organization


The Eisenhower Memorial Commission recently launched an interactive website that shares the unique history and mission of The American Assembly, which was founded by Eisenhower during his time as president of Columbia University. The Assembly is honored to be featured as the first legacy organization of Dwight D. Eisenhower on the Commission's memorial website.

The Open Syllabus Explorer


A navigable map of the higher ed curriculum based on one million syllabi.

The Rise of the Robo Notice

2015. Joe Karaganis, Jennifer Urban

How the automation of notice and takedown--arguably the key legal procedure for the regulation of online speech--undermines its core compromise between users, copyright holders, and internet companies..

The American Assembly
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