The Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy & The Future of International Institutions - Southwest Assembly

2006. The American Assembly

The first report in the Next Generation Project series.

The Future of the Accounting Profession: Auditor Concentration

2005. The American Assembly

This report, derived from a 2005 Assembly on concentration in the accounting sector, discusses the risks associated with consolidation among the major accounting firms and other structural changes to the accounting field. 

Renewing the U.S. - Canada Relationship

2005. The American Assembly

A re-examination of US-Canada relations in the context of post-Cold War realignments, the rise of new global trading partners, and the post-Sept.11 changes in US foreign and domestic security policy.  The report draws on a 2005 Assembly of the same name.

The Creative Campus: The Training, Sustaining, and Presenting of the Performing Arts in American Higher Education

2004. The American Assembly

The report of a 2004 Assembly on the role of the arts within colleges and universities. Participants concluded that higher education institutions play a critical role in supporting the arts in general and the performing arts in particular, for which they too often provide the only venues for learning, practicing and enjoying those arts.  The report calls for a range of research and stronger advocacy activities on behalf of the arts on campuses, and stronger integration of the arts into the life of campuses.

Building a More United America: Final Report

“Following the discussions of this Assembly, and the foundation established over the last four years, we now have a report citizens around the country can draw upon to move us forward as a united people,” said David Gergen, Uniting America co-chair, U.S. News and World Report editor-at-large, and professor at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Art, Technology, and Intellectual Property

2002. The American Assembly

This report from the 2002 American Assembly of the same name explores the transformation of law, enforcement, and artistic practice as digital technologies change the conditions for the creation and circulation of cultural works.  The report reflects input from a wide range of stakeholders who would play important roles in the next decade of debates over intellectual property policy.

Conducting Your Community Dialogue: A Companion to Building a More United America


A companion piece to Building a More United America: Final Report of the Uniting America Series, Conducting Your Community Dialogue is designed to help groups and individuals organize and carry out a community dialogue about issues addressed in the earlier report. Roles for discussants and sample questions for facilitating discussions are included.

Uniting America: Collaborating to Make Democracy Work

2001. The American Assembly

This 2001 report from the Uniting America series, "Collaborating to Make Democracy Work," emphasized the role of collaboration between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in addressing problems of accountability and good governance. Participants called for a reinvigoration, in particular, of the role of business leaders as partners in addressing challenges at the community level

Racial Equality: Public Policies for the Twenty-first Century

2001. The American Assembly

Drawing on the 2001 Uniting America Assembly on racial equality, this report argues that racial equality is contingent on wider progress in reforming criminal justice and increasing economic opportunity for all Americans. 

The Future of the Western Hemisphere: A Shared Vision Toward 2015


This project sought to refocus the attention of North and Latin America and the Caribbean towards the idea of common hemispheric objectives. The first two phases dealt with U.S. interests in the region and the final two phases incorporated Latin American and Caribbean participants to discuss issues of democratization and economic integration.

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