"Revitalizing the Legacy Cities of Upstate New York" (Dec. 2012)


A report that calls for stronger partnerships among municipal governments and local anchor institutions, for regional export plans and venture funds, and for fully utilizing the opportunities afforded by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Councils in the service of New York's struggling upstate cities.

Rebuilding America's Legacy Cities: New Directions for the Industrial Heartland (Jan. 2012)

2012. Alan Mallach (ed.)

An effort to rethink strategies for sustainability, livability, and growth in cities facing long-term population loss, industrial decline, and other economic challenges.

The Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest (Sept. 2011)

2011. Statement of the Congress

The Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest convened over 180 experts from 32 countries and 6 continents to help re-articulate the public interest dimension in intellectual property law and policy.  The Washington Declaration is the result of that large-scale conversation.

"Reinventing America's Legacy Cities: Strategies for Cities Losing Population" (June 2011)


A product of the 2011 "Legacy Cities" Assembly in Detroit, "Reinventing America's Legacy Cities: Strategies for Cities Losing Population" reflects a consensus of participants from that Assembly.

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (April 2011)

2011. Joe Karaganis (ed.)

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies is the first independent, large-scale study of music, film and software piracy in emerging economies, focusing on Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico and Bolivia.

Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future (Aug. 2010)

2010. Angela Glover Blackwell, Stewart Kwoh, Manuel Pastor

Angela Glover Blackwell, founder of PolicyLink; Stewart Kwoh, president of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center; and Manuel Pastor, professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC, bring new perspectives to "race," an essential US issue of identity and disunity.

The Next Generation Project Meridian Assemblies Combined White Papers


Three one-day workshops held between 2009-2010 called, “Obama – One Year Later," "U.S. Global Policy: Challenges to Building a 21st Century Grand Strategy,” and “Technology, Finance, Innovation, and U.S. Global Policy" were co-sponsored with the Center for a New American Security and held at the Merdian Center in Washington DC.

"Governance of Financial Institutions"

2009. The American Assembly

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, this report is a call for stronger risk management, clearer executive compensation policies, and stronger expectations for (and regulation of) financial-sector governance.  The report derives from The American Assembly event held in 2009, which brought together fifty leaders and experts in the financial sector.

The Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy & The Future of International Institutions - National Assembly

2008. The American Assembly

The culminating report of The Next Generation Project series.

Retooling for Growth: Building a 21st Century Economy in America's Older Industrial Area

2008. Richard M. McGahey (ed.), Jennifer S. Vey (ed.)

This collection offers practical, achievable strategies for revitalizing America's older industrial cities and building upon their significant (and often overlooked) economic, physical, and cultural resources.

Retooling for Growth: Building a Twenty-first Century Economy in America's Older Industrial Areas

2007. The American Assembly

From the 2007 Assembly of the same name, this report explores policy strategies for revitalizing older US industrial areas that no longer effectively compete in the global economy.

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