David Mortimer
Mr. Mortimer is president and a trustee of The American Assembly, a national, non-partisan, and public affairs forum founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1950 and affiliated with Columbia University. Before joining The American Ass... more >
Joe Karaganis
Vice President
Joe Karaganis joined the American Assembly as Vice President in 2010. His work focuses on the relationship between digital convergence and cultural production, and has recently included research on broadband adoption, data policy... more >
Karla Garcia
Chief Financial Officer
Karla Garcia is the Chief Financial Officer at The American Assembly. She is responsible for all financial activity at the Assembly and serves as program coordinator for various projects. She has held several positions at Colum... more >
Nicholas Hamilton
Project Manager
Nicholas Hamilton joined The American Assembly as Project Manager in the summer of 2012. His research includes urban economic development, governance, and policy partnership networks in the United States, Tunisia, Egypt, and Chil... more >
Kristoff Grospe
Project Specialist
Kristoff Grospe began working at the American Assembly as a Project Specialist during the summer of 2012. Before joining The Assembly, he graduated from New York Law School, where he studied intellectual property, Internet, and i... more >
Mark Leneker
Program Coordinator
Mark joined The Assembly in 2003 and previously held an administrative assistant position at The Institute for Democracy Studies. He worked as an agent assistant at the commercial talent agency Schiffman, Ekman, Morrison, and Ma... more >
Stephanie Sung
Program Associate
Stephanie Sung is a Program Associate at The American Assembly. She conducts research and outreach for the Legacy Cities program and serves as editor of the Legacy Cities website. Previously, Stephanie worked at NYU Wagner Innova... more >
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Copy Culture in the US and Germany

Copy Culture in the US and Germany garnered wide international media coverage in 2012, becoming a common reference point in discussions about the role of Internet filtering.  The comparative study of U.S. and German media consumption, acquisition, and copyright enforcement revealed that half of the adults in the U.S. and Germany copy, share, and download music, movies, and TV shows and 70% of young adults do the same.