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National Leaders Announce Action Agenda For Legacy Cities

Urban Leaders, Landmark Experts Celebrate Newark’s Hahne & Company Revitalization As Example of How Historic Preservation Can Spur Development Strengthen Legacy Cities Across the Nation.

The Future of the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Changing World

On May 1st, 2015, at The Center for Strategic and International Studies, over sixty men and women from government, the private sector, and academia attended a day-long Assembly on "The Future of the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Changing World." 

The Worker and The Job: Coping With Change

1974. Jerome S. Rosow (ed.)

The Worker and The Job: Coping With Change was published in 1974 and initially served as background papers for the 1973 American Assembly, "The Changing World of Work."  Leading experts explored the attitudes and expectations of workers and described the conflict between a rapidly changing society and a workplace that is not.  

Manpower Goals for American Democracy


Advocating a National Youth Service, paid occupational training, and public works projects for the long-term unemployed, the 1976 report "Manpower Goals for American Democracy" outlined key solutions that are relevant and still discussed today.  

Governance of Financial Institutions

2009. The American Assembly

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, this report is a call for stronger risk management, clearer executive compensation policies, and stronger expectations for (and regulation of) financial-sector governance.  The report derives from a 2009 American Assembly event which brought together leaders of and experts on the financial sector.

Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference

The Assembly organized a track on the policy implications of increasing drone use at the October 2013 Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference, focused on public safety and the emerging jurisdictional issues as local and federal agencies apportion the newly-used airspaces between street and sky.

55th U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly

US India Relations: Partners in Democracy

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