55th U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly

Between February 3rd-5th, 2014, The American Assembly co-sponsored the U.S. Air Force Academy’s annual undergraduate Assembly, which focused this year on "U.S. - India Relations: Partners in Democracy."

54th U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly

Between February 4th-6th, 2013, The American Assembly co-sponsored the U.S. Air Force Academy’s annual undergraduate Assembly, which focused this year on "U.S. - China Relations: Conflict or Cooperation in the 21st Century."

The Future of Social Welfare in America

1989. The American Assembly

From the 1989 Assembly on The Future of Social Welfare in America, this report advocates improved access to high-quality health care while containing costs, an improved education system with greater involvement of the private sector, and efforts to reform welfare dependency.

A Workable Government? The Constitution After 200 Years

1987. Burke Marshall (ed.)

Despite numerous amendments to the Constitution, the basic institutional framework of US government remains largely unchanged since 1787. This institutional conservatism gives rise to regular reexaminations and crises as that framework takes on new functions and faces new challenges.  This volume explores whether that framework remains adequate to the challenges of governing a modern superpower and larger and more diverse polity.  

The U.S. Constitution Today

1987. The American Assembly

The intitial report from the 1987 Assembly of the same name, this document reflects participants' consensus about the overall health of and challenges facing the American constitutional framework.  Broadly speaking, participants viewed the structure as sound but under considerable stress as the country confronts complex problems in both domestic and foreign affairs.


The U.S. Constitution Today

A 1987 Assembly convened to discuss the challenges facing the U.S. constitutional framework as the responsibilities of government and the nature of the polity change.



Uniting America: Collaborating to Make Democracy Work

2001. The American Assembly

This 2001 report from the Uniting America series, "Collaborating to Make Democracy Work," emphasized the role of collaboration between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in addressing problems of accountability and good governance. Participants called for a reinvigoration, in particular, of the role of business leaders as partners in addressing challenges at the community level

The Next Generation Project Meridian Assemblies Combined White Papers


Three one-day workshops held between 2009-2010 called, “Obama – One Year Later," "U.S. Global Policy: Challenges to Building a 21st Century Grand Strategy,” and “Technology, Finance, Innovation, and U.S. Global Policy" were co-sponsored with the Center for a New American Security and held at the Merdian Center in Washington DC.

The Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy & The Future of International Institutions - National Assembly

2008. The American Assembly

The culminating report of The Next Generation Project series.

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