Information Policy

Bowling Green Civic Assembly

The Bowling Green Civic Assembly is an approach to helping communities by strengthening the feedback loops between citizens, civic groups, elected leaders, and local media.

Influence Mapping

Helping data journalists and civil society groups map and analyze complex relationships of power.

The Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

A forum for advancing evidence-based, public-interest intellectual property policies that balance the needs of creators and the public. The event brings together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for four days of discussion, sharing, and planning.

The Takedown Project

An effort to better understand how the ‘Notice and Takedown’ process mediates conflicts between Internet users, rights holders, and online service providers.  Our empirical study of the issue was published in March 2016.

The Open Syllabus Project

The American Assembly is the home of the new Open Syllabus Project (OSP), an effort to build the first large-scale online database of university course syllabi as a platform for the development of new research, teaching, and administrative tools.



Oligrapher is a social network mapping tool designed to support the work of data journalists and other researchers who need to tell stories based on complex social network data.  The Influence Mapping project supported the development of a standalone version that can be downloaded for use with any dataset.

Notice and Takedown in Everyday Practice

2016. Jennifer Urban, Joe Karaganis, Brianna Schofield

A report exploring how the notice and takedown process became one of the principle mechanisms for regulating freedom of expression, and what it means when robots take over the job of mediating conflicts over online speech.

The Rise of the Robo Notice

2015. Joe Karaganis, Jennifer Urban

How the automation of notice and takedown--arguably the key legal procedure for the regulation of online speech--undermines its core compromise between users, copyright holders, and internet companies..

The Fourth Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

The fourth Congress was hosted by the Center for Internet and Society in Delhi, India, with the goal of taking stock of 'Three Decades of Openness; Two Decades of TRIPS.'  The event attracted 400 researchers, activists, and practitioners.


新兴经济体的媒体盗版 / Media Piracy in Emerging Economies

2013. Joe Karaganis (ed.)

The Chinese translation of Media Piracy in Emerging Economies: the first large-scale comparative study of media markets, media piracy, and IP enforcement in the developing world.

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