The US Air Force Academy Assembly

Convened annually since 1959, the Academy Assembly is an undergraduate-led conference held by the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and co-sponsored with The American Assembly. Cadets help organize and take part in a 3-day discussion of a major theme in American foreign policy, in dialog with academic experts and government officials.

U.S. Interests in the 1990s

A four-year project on U.S. international security policies and challenges. The project included Assemblies on Preserving the Global Environment, Rethinking America's Security, After the Soviet Union, and Public Engagement in U.S. Foreign Policy.

Shadow Libraries

Shadow Libraries is large-scale comparative research project on the provision of educational materials in higher education, with a focus on how students get the materials they need.

The Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy and the Future of International Institutions

The Next Generation Project built capacity among the next generation of US leadership to address the challenges of globalization and the changing role of the United States in world affairs. Between 2006 and 2008, through a program of fellowships and workshops, the Next Generation Project built a network of 300 fellows from a wide range of fields and communities.

Shadow Libraries (May 2018)

2018. Joe Karaganis (ed.)
Shadow Libraries examines how students get the materials they need for their educations.

Tools for Investigative Journalism

The Tools for Investigative Journalism workshop brought together thirty journalists and developers to advance the state of the art around these tools, including social network mapping and datamining tools. The group met at City University in London, September 21st-22nd, 2015.

The United States and Africa: A Post-Cold War Perspective

1998. David F. Gordon (ed.), David C. Miller, Jr. (ed.), Howard Wolpe (ed.)

This books offers a compact introduction to the African continent's political and economic realities, and the opportunities and challenges they present for the United States.  The authors untangle our perceptions of the continent, offer a penetrating look at the moral and practical concerns that drive American business and foreign policy, and outline steps needed to establish positive -- not merely reactive -- relations between the United States and and the nations of Africa.

Africa & U.S. National Interests


The report on U.S. and African interests called for a vigorous and more visible engagement of U.S. leadership on the continent, continued investment and aid, and responsible transnational security agreements.

Africa & U.S. National Interests

The 90th American Assembly examined US-Africa policy in relation to regional economic integration, democratization and governance, and emerging security and leadership initiatives.  The Assembly looked beyond common media images of Africa to focus on the continent's dramatic political and economic evolution in the past few decades.  Participants urged the creation of an Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa post, continued Congressional development aid, and presidential engagement with African nations. 

U.S. National Interests and the Western Hemisphere

1999. Albert Fishlow & James R. Jones (ed.)

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