Uniting America

A series of six Assemblies held between 1999 and 2002 that focused on finding "common ground" on some of the more  divisive issues in American life, from racial equality to religion to family structure.


Religion in American Public Life: Living with Our Deepest Differences

2001. Azizah Y. al-Hibri (ed.), Jean Bethke Elshtain (ed.), Charles C. Haynes (ed.)

Raise any number of public issues—health care, education, welfare—and religious beliefs inevitably shape Americans' viewpoints. On certain topics the introduction of religion can be explosive. This book discusses how we can and why we should hear religious voices in the public square.


Matters of Faith: Religion in American Public Life


A report from the Assembly of the same name, convened in Harriman, New York in March 2000.

Uniting America--Matters of Faith: Religion in American Public Life

The second Assembly in the Uniting America series, convened in March 2000.  The participants discussed how we can--and why we should--hear religious voices in the public square, and tried to create a bridge between public life and religion. The group reaffirmed its committment to the inalienable right of religious freedom based upon the worth and dignity of each human being, and articulated a call for all citizens with religious convictions to engage in civic life.

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