After the Soviet Union: From Empire to Nations

1992. Timothy J. Colton and Robert Legvold (ed.)

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 inevitably led to power struggles in the fifteen successor republics, raising the specter of chaos in Eurasia. In this early 1992 collection of original essays sponsored by Columbia's Harriman Institute and The American Assembly, scholars assess the political and economic crises these new republics of the Former Soviet Union face as they manifest themselves in the outside world.

After the Soviet Union: Implications for U.S. Policy

After the collapse of the Soviet system, the United States was presented with the opportunity of a political and military shift  in the heartland of Eurasia.  This 1992 meeting and report sought to discuss the potential of filling that void the Soviet states left behind, while taking into account the economic collapse and ethnic tension that threatened the stability of the region. Participants in this Assembly focused on the concepts of partnership and leadership with a multilateral outlook.

U.S. Foreign Policy and the United Nations System

On the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, this collaboration between The American Assembly and The United Nations Association explored the breakdown of bipartisan approaches to US involvement with the organization and potential solutions.

Rethinking America's Security

How should US national security be defined after the fall of Communism?  This 1991 Assembly took up this question, calling for greater multilateralism in foreign policy and stronger regional security agreements.

The Next Generation Project Meridian Assemblies Combined White Papers


Three one-day workshops held between 2009-2010 called, “Obama – One Year Later," "U.S. Global Policy: Challenges to Building a 21st Century Grand Strategy,” and “Technology, Finance, Innovation, and U.S. Global Policy" were co-sponsored with the Center for a New American Security and held at the Merdian Center in Washington DC.

The Next Generation Project: U.S. Global Policy & The Future of International Institutions - National Assembly

2008. The American Assembly

The culminating report of The Next Generation Project series.

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