Urban Policy

America’s Middle Neighborhoods: An Action Agenda

Just as gentrification can out-price long-term residents, a failing middle neighborhood can have devastating trigger effects on its city, jeopardizing municipal budgets and increasing appeals for federal and state support.  Whether property values skyrocket or plummet, residents are at risk of being forced out.  Too often the heaviest toll falls on the middle class.  When nieghborhoods fail, large numbers of modest-income households, many of whom are people of color, lose wealth due to home price decline, widening the wealth gap of the nation.

Neighborhoods in America's Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit

"Neighborhoods in America's Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit," a conference cosponsored by The Legacy City Partnership from September 13-16, 2016, will bring together professionals, decision-makers and academics from America’s Legacy Cities, where long-term population loss and economic restructuring present difficult challenges for the future of astounding historic resources and significant cultural heritage.

Inclusive Economic Development in America's Legacy Cities

Inclusive Economic Development in America’s Legacy Cities supports innovation in the development of inclusive economic growth strategies. Such strategies address the intensity of poverty in legacy cities and promote revitalization that both attracts newcomers and increases opportunities for current residents across the economic spectrum.

Historic Preservation in America's Legacy Cities

Our Historic Preservation in America's Legacy Cities project supports leaders and practitioners in developing strategies for revitalizing legacy cities through historic preservation.

Transforming Access, Mobility, and Delivery in Cities

As urban transportation presents cities with new opportunities and challenges, The American Assembly cosponsored "Transforming Access, Mobility, and Delivery in Cities" as part of its ongoing work to connect stakeholders and advance knowledge on vexing urban challenges.

Past Cities Projects

The Assembly's past Cities projects focus on advancing cross-sector discussion on and connecting stakeholders in underserved urban areas.

The Legacy Cities Partnership

The Legacy Cities Partnership aims to strengthen capacities for policy change and governance reform, share lessons in urban stabilization and regeneration, and connect the array of federal, regional, state, and local initiatives in this area.

Reinventing Older Communities: Bridging Growth and Opportunity

The American Assembly is proud to be a conference supporter of the the sixth biennial Reinventing Older Communities conference, cosponsored by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond

Historic Preservation in America’s Legacy Cities Conference - 2014

The Assembly partnered with Cleveland State University, CEOs for Cities, and over two dozen other organizations explore the role of historic preservation in revitalizing America’s Legacy Cities. 

Legacy City Design Initiative

The Legacy City Design Initiative is a network that shares innovative design practices being used to revitalize legacy cities.  Co-founded by the American Assembly, the project is now led by the J Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City.

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