Legacy City Preservation: A National Conversation on Innovation + Practice

The "Legacy City Preservation: A National Conversation on Innovation + Practice" conference was held in Newark, NJ, on December 8th, 2015.

The Worker and The Job: Coping With Change

1974. Jerome S. Rosow (ed.)

The Worker and The Job: Coping With Change was published in 1974 and initially served as background papers for the 1973 American Assembly, "The Changing World of Work."  Leading experts explored the attitudes and expectations of workers and described the conflict between a rapidly changing society and a workplace that is not.  

Manpower Goals for American Democracy


Advocating a National Youth Service, paid occupational training, and public works projects for the long-term unemployed, the 1976 report "Manpower Goals for American Democracy" outlined key solutions that are relevant and still discussed today.  

Workforce Intermediaries for the Twenty-first Century

2003. Robert P. Giloth (ed.)

This edited volume takes stock of the world of workforce intermediaries: entrepreneurial partnerships that include businesses, unions, community colleges, and community organizations. Noted scholars and policy makers examine the development and effectiveness of these intermediaries, and a concluding chapter discusses how to provide a more coherent approach to increasing the viability and capacity of these important institutions.

"Revitalizing the Legacy Cities of Upstate New York" (Dec. 2012)


A report that calls for stronger partnerships among municipal governments and local anchor institutions, for regional export plans and venture funds, and for fully utilizing the opportunities afforded by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Councils in the service of New York's struggling upstate cities.

Revitalizing the Legacy Cities of Upstate New York

The Legacy Cities of Upstate New York convening, held on December 11th, 2013, found that legacy cities will gain the most from regional approaches to economic development.

Keeping America in Business: Advancing Workers, Businesses, and Economic Growth

This 2003 Assembly explored challenges to workforce development in a changing, increasingly global economy.  Robert Giloth of the Annie E. Casey Foundation directed the project.

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