Past Projects
In February 2013, The American Assembly released Revitalizing the Legacy Cities of Upstate New York—a report documenting revitalization strategies for upstate cities, based on a recent Assembly-sponsored meeting of urban policy and economic development experts. The report emphasizes several ...
In 2003, seventy-five national experts from business, labor, government, education, philanthropy, non-profit organizations and workforce development gathered at the 102nd American Assembly, “Keeping America in Business: Advancing Workers, Businesses and Economic Growth.”  The group discu...
Confronted with businesses facing a long-term shortage of skilled workers and evaluations showin that job training for the poor over the past 25 years had produced only meager results, a number of groups throughout the country have sought to find a more effective approach.  The efforts of th...
The 2003 convening of workforce experts discussed how to advance the nation's workforce development goals by improving workforce intermediaries, those institutions that address the needs of both employers and less-skilled workers; integrate funding streams from public and private sector pro...
With many Americans striving to build their skills to get jobs in a rapidly changing economy, the workforce development field has seen a significant increase in sector strategies, which focus on the specific skills that employers need and address the real-world challenges facing low-income w...
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Tamar Shapiro


Tamar Shapiro is the President and CEO of the Center for Community Progress, where she promotes neighborhood revitalization through creative reuse of vacant and abandoned property.  Formerly with the U.S. German Marshall Fund and Smart Growth America, she attended the Assembly on "Reinventing America's Legacy Cities" in Detroit.