Past Projects
In February 2013, The American Assembly released Revitalizing the Legacy Cities of Upstate New York—a report documenting revitalization strategies for upstate cities, based on a recent Assembly-sponsored meeting of urban policy and economic development experts. The report emphasizes several ...
Rebuilding America's Legacy Cities: New Directions for the Industrial Heartland is available for free chapter downloads below or hardcopy at hardcopy available [1].   While we may not yet know enough to offer a road map to create the smaller, healthier city we can imagine, we c...
Focusing on three issues - productivity, income inequality, and the aging of the baby-boom population -- this concise volume describes a "radically moderate" agenda. The distinguished authors begin by acknowledging the difficult tradeoffs required for revamping programs for the aged and poor ...
The American Economy: Sustaining Growth with Opportunity was the product of the June 10-13, 1999 American Assembly that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Although predating the economic downturn of 2008, the report focused on the still vital issues of productivity growth, income inequality, and...
With many Americans striving to build their skills to get jobs in a rapidly changing economy, the workforce development field has seen a significant increase in sector strategies, which focus on the specific skills that employers need and address the real-world challenges facing low-income w...
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Reinventing America's Legacy Cities

Henry Cisneros, American Assembly trustee and twenty-year veteran of Assembly urban affairs work, says of the Legacy Cities meeting in Detroit:

"...All of us who participated were motivated by our desire to arrest the deterioration of the hardest hit cities and to improve the quality of life for the people who reside in them.  I believe we laid out a reasonable path."