The American Assembly is a public policy institute founded in 1950 by Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he served as the thirteenth president of Columbia University from May 1948 until January 1953.  For over sixty years, The Assembly has fostered non-partisan, public-policy discussions through convenings, research, and issuing authoritative books and reports. Over 100 ‘American Assemblies’ have been held on topics ranging from prison reform to health care and to nuclear disarmament. In recent years, The Assembly’s projects have made significant interventions in and contributions to economic, urban, and cultural policy, as well as other topics representing a broad spectrum of views and interests—such as workforce development, financial regulation, and the role of the arts in US universities.

Today,  The Assembly has two major programs—Cities and Knowledge Economies—which focus on building the resources and networks needed to  develop effective public policy in their respective areas.


The American Assembly
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