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The Next Louisville: Civic Assembly

Louisville Civic Assembly.png

The American Assembly has partnered with with 89.3 WFPL News in Louisville, Kentucky for the second installment of our Civic Assembly Initiative.

The Civic Assembly is a pilot process for strengthening the feedback loops between citizens, civic groups, elected leaders, and local media in communities.  The Assembly is built around a novel ‘self-generating’ online survey methodology called Polis, in which survey participants respond to statements made by one another, resulting in dynamic opinion groups. A successful survey produces a statistical portrait of the concerns and priorities of a community.  Unlike conventional surveys, this process often leads in unpredictable directions. The results of our previous Assembly, held in Bowling Green, Kentucky, are reported here.

The Next Louisville: Civic Assembly will feature a 12-day Virtual Town Hall, followed by a series of community conversations to discuss the results. More information on the assembly, taking place from February 10-21, 2020, can be found here.