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(L)Earning Trust between NYC Communities and the Medical System


Join The Trust Project @ Columbia and BCHN for a public forum about trust between medical professionals and the communities they serve.

Attend this public forum about earning trust and learning to trust, in the interrelations between medical professionals and community members in the Bronx, jointly organized by the Bronx Community Health Network (BCHN) and The Trust Project @ Columbia, a Mellon Sawyer Seminar. The goal is to create a space to explore how administrators, community health workers, medical personnel, and community leaders can work together to overcome mistrust and create trust relationships that will ultimately facilitate the improvement of community health.

The forum will include a conversation among panelists, several testimonial statements by community health workers, as well as a Q&A open to all members of the audience. Spanish language translation via closed captioning will be provided.


  • Rev. Lula Mae Phillips (Weill Cornell CTSC)


  • Diya Basu-Sen (SAPNA Foundation)

  • Patrizia Bernard (Bronx Community Health Network)

  • Monique Guishard (Bronx Community Research Review Board)

  • Olusimbo Ige (NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene)

  • Sarah Mallik (Montefiore Medical Center)

  • Sergio Matos (Health Innovation Associates LLC)

This conversation comes amidst acute public awareness of a growing mistrust of experts, whether they are medical professionals, scientists or public health experts. Conversations around this mistrust of science and experts often imply that we know what trust is, how to measure it, and most importantly how to build it—but this is not necessarily the case. This forum is prompted by recognition that answers to these questions will not be obtained without deeper engagement from diverse voices from all corners of New York’s medical system and the communities it serves. These questions have been made even more acute by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have preceded it. Mistrust between local community members, particularly people of color, and the medical establishment is longstanding and is due to a history of discrimination, inequality of access to care, stigmatization, and lack of representation.

With this public hearing, we seek to contribute to a dialogue between different community stakeholders, the medical system, city government, and academia to learn how trust was lost, where it still exists, and how it can be rebuilt in the pursuit of bettering public health and wellbeing.

For more information on The Trust Project @ Columbia, click here.

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Participe en este foro sobre la creación de confianza entre los profesionales medicos y la puebla en el Bronx. El objective esc rear un espacio para explorer cómo los administradores, los trabajadores de salud comunitarios, el personal medico y los líderes comunitarios pueden trabajar juntos para facilitar las relaciones con confianza y la mejora de la salud publica.

El foro incluirá una conversación entre los panelistas, así como una sesión de preguntas y respuestas abierta a todos los miembros de la comunidad. Habrá traducción en español.