Rebuilding America's Legacy Cities: New Directions for the Industrial Heartland (Jan. 2012)

2012. Alan Mallach (ed.)

The revitalization of urban life in the US in recent decades has been uneven. Over fifty US cities face long-term population loss, driven by industrial decline and other structural changes to local and regional economies. How do these "legacy cities" establish sustainable economic trajectories that can improve the livability of the cities and livelihoods of their residents? How do these cities reinvent themselves in contexts where once-dominant "anchor" industries are unlikely to re-emerge? How do they learn from each other, strengthen their capacities to manage change, and work within wider systems of local, regional, and federal governance?

Rebuilding America's Legacy Cities brings together planners, academics, and public officials to reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing these cities. The volume, edited by Paul Brophy and drawing on the insights of the 2011 "Legacy Cities" Assembly in Detroit, is a major effort to rethink development and revitalization in some of the most challenging contexts of urban life in the US.

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