Connecting People to Work: Workforce Intermediaries and Sector Strategies

2014. Maureen Conway (ed.), Robert P. Giloth (ed.)

The American Assembly

Workforce development—helping Americans in the US build the skills they need to get jobs in a rapidly changing economy—has increasingly adopted sector-based strategies, which prioritize training in the specific skillsets that employers need.  In this volume, Maureen Conway and Robert P. Giloth bring together a wide range of perspectives on the evolution of sector-based workforce development in industries ranging from health to construction. The book offers lessons for policymakers, philanthropic investors, researchers and local leaders interested in policies and practices that help connect struggling workers to good jobs. 

Connecting People to Work (2014) features case studies of workforce development strategies in the health care, construction, manufacturing, and restaurant industries; and highlights how policy and economic changes and new practices among education and training institutions are affecting workforce development efforts. It also includes a review of major sector-financing strategies.

The book revisits issues explored in Workforce Intermediaries for the Twenty-first Century (2003).

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